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A:What would you like for Breakfast? 早餐你想吃什么?  

B:How about noodles? 吃面怎么样?  

A:OK,Would you help me set the table?好的,你能帮我准备餐具吗?

B:I'd be happy to. 乐意之至。


A:Mrs. wu, would you care for another helping?吴小姐,还要再来一点吗?

B:No more, thank you. I'm quite full.不啦,谢谢。我已经够饱了。

A:Did you enjoy the meal?您吃得怎么样?

B:It's the most delicious dinner I've had for a long time. It's such a rich dinner.好久没有吃过这样美味的饭莱了。这顿饭莱太丰盛了。

A:I'm so glad you like it.你能喜欢,我不胜荣幸。

B:Thank you very much for your hospitality.谢谢你的盛情款待。


A: Excuse me, Where am I on this map?对不起,请问我在地图上的什么地方 ?

B: We are here, bus station, we are in the heart of the city.我们在这里,汽车站,我们现在在市中心。

A: Oh ! I think I ’ m lost. Can I go from here to the railway station?哦!我想我迷路了。我能否从这里到火车站呢?

B: Head straight up the street about two blocks then turn left.顺这条街一直走过两个街区,然后左转。

A: Excuse me. I ’ m afraid I got lost. Can you show me the way to the station?对不起,我迷路了,请问您能告诉我去车站怎么走吗?

B: I ’ m walking that way. Let me lead you the way.我正朝那边去。让我给你带路吧!

A: Excuse me. I wonder if you could help me. I ’ m looking for the Museum.对不起,打扰一下,不知您能否帮助我,我在找博物馆。

B: Boy, you are lost. I t ’ s across town.哇,你是迷路了。它在城的那头。

A: Oh ! What bad luck ! How can I get to the Museum?哦!太糟糕了!那我怎么去博物馆呢?

B: You can take a No. 24 bus here and then transfer to a No.53 bus to get there.您可以在此乘坐 24 路公共汽车换乘 83 路公共汽车到那里。


Mary : What is the parking fee per hour here? John : Ten yuan an hour.这里停车每小时多少钱? 每小时 10 块钱。

Mary : How much would it be if I park here for an hour and ten minutes? John : Twenty yuan, sir.Because we charge by the number of hours.那要是停了 1 小时 10 分钟呢?

Mary : I see. Thanks.20 块钱,先生。因为我们是按小时整点收费的。明白了。谢谢。


Tom: Hello.汤姆:你好。

John: Hello.约翰:你好。

Tom: My name is Tom. I'm in Class 1, Grade 3.汤姆:我叫汤姆。我在三年级一班。

John: My name is John. I'm in Class 1, Grade 3, too.约翰:我叫约翰。我也在三年级一班。

Tom: We are in the same class.汤姆:我们是同一班的。

John: Yes, we are.约翰:是的,我们是。

Tom: I'm very glad to meet you.汤姆:很高兴见到你。

John: I'm very glad to meet you, too.约翰:我也很高兴见到你。


Bill: Hi, Mary.比尔:嗨,玛丽。

Marry: Hi, Bill. How are you?玛丽:嗨,比尔。你好吗?

Bill: I'm fine, thank you. And you?比尔:我很好,谢谢。你呢?

Marry: I'm fine, too, thank you.玛丽:我也很好,谢谢。

Bill: How is your mother?比尔:你妈妈怎么样?

Marry: She is very well, thank you. And how is your mother?玛丽:她很好,谢谢。你妈妈怎么样?

Bill: She is also very well. Thank you. Goodbye.比尔:她也很好。谢谢您。再见。

Marry: Goodbye.玛丽:再见。


Tom: What time is it, Mom?汤姆:几点了,妈妈?

Mom: It's six forty. It's time to have breakfast.妈妈:六点四十。该吃早餐了。

Tom: OK, Mom.汤姆:好的,妈妈。

Tom: It's seven ten. It's time to go to school.汤姆:七点十分。该上学了。

Teacher: It's eight o'clock now. It's time for Chinese.老师:现在八点了。现在是中国人的时候了。

Tom: I'm ready.汤姆:我准备好了。


Mike: Hello. This is Mike.迈克:你好。我是迈克。

John: Hello. This is John. What's the weather like in Harbin?约翰:你好。我是约翰。哈尔滨的天气怎么样?

Mike: It's cold here today.迈克:今天这里很冷。

John: Put on your sweater, please.约翰:请穿上你的毛衣。

Mike: Thank you. I want to wear my pants, too. What's the weather like in Hainan?迈克:谢谢。我也想穿我的裤子。海南的天气怎么样?

John: It's hot here. I can go swimming.约翰:这里很热。我可以去游泳。

Mike: So cool!迈克:太酷了!


Assistant: Can I help you?助理:我能帮你吗?

Amy: Yes. I want to buy some fruit for my birthday.艾米:是的。我想买些水果过生日。

Assistant: OK. What kind of fruit do you like助理:好的。你喜欢什么水果

Amy: I want four oranges, six apples. How much are they?艾米:我要四个橙子,六个苹果。多少钱?

Assistant: They are twenty yuan.店员:二十元。

Amy: Oh, I also want ten bananas, six pears and two watermelons.艾米:哦,我还要十个香蕉,六个梨和两个西瓜。

Assistant: That's thirty yuan.店员:三十元。

Amy: All right.艾米:好的。


A:Good morning,lady. 早上好,女士。 

B:Good morning,.How are you this morning? 早上好,今早你好吗?  

A:I'm very fine.Did you sleep well last night? 我很好。昨晚你睡得好吗? 

B:Yes,I did.Thank you. 是的,我睡得很好。谢谢你。

A:Would you like coffee or tea this morning? 你喜欢喝茶还是咖啡呢?

B:Coffee,please.Make it real hot. 咖啡,热一点儿。


A:Breakfast is ready! It's time to eat. 早餐好了,该吃饭啦!


A:Did you wash your hands well?  手洗干净了吗?

B:Yes,I will eat all of vegetables.洗啦,我耀把蔬菜吃光光!

A:OK,Don't be picky. 棒!不许挑食。 


Nancy:Have a nice weekend!周末好!

Jerry:Thanks.You too!谢谢!你也好!

Nancy:Do you have any plans?你有什么计划吗?

Jerry:Well,my family's away and I can't afford to do much.What about you?嗯,我家里人都走了,我承受不起做太多的事。你呢?

Nancy:Oh,I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.哦,我还没决定我要做什么呢。


A:Do you like China?A:你喜欢中国吗?

B:Yes,I like it very much.B:是的,很喜欢。

A:Are you used to Chinese food?A:你吃得惯中国的饭菜吗?

B:Yes,I am.B:是的,我吃得惯。

A:Which dish do you particularly like?A:你最喜欢中国的哪道菜?

B:I like them all, except for Sichuan dishes because they are too hot.B:我都很喜欢,除了川菜,因为太辣了。

A:Traditional Chinese culture is profound.Do you know them?A:中国的传统文化博大精深。你了解得多吗?

B:Sorry, I don't know much about Chinese culture.B:抱歉,我不是特别了解中国文化。

A:What's your impression of Chinese people?A:你能告诉我你对中国人的印象吗?

B:They are very friendly.B:他们十分和善。

A:Which country do you like best, and why?A:你最喜欢哪个国家,为什么?

B:France, because people there are very romantic.B:法国,因为那里的人非常浪漫。


Tom: Wow. This farm is nice. So many animals! What are these?汤姆:哇。这个农场不错。这么多动物!这些是什么?

Farmer: They are horses.农夫:它们是马。

Tom: Are those sheep?汤姆:那些是绵羊吗?

Farmer: No. They are goats. Look! These are lambs.农夫:不,它们是山羊。看!这些是小羊。

Tom: Oh, These are pigs. They are so fat.汤姆:哦,这些是猪。他们太胖了。

Farmer: Yes. Our rabbits are fat, too.农夫:是的。我们的兔子也很胖。

Tom: How many ducks do you have?汤姆:你有几只鸭子?

Farmer: I have forty.农夫:我有四十个。


John: What's the weather like today? Is it cold?约翰:今天天气怎么样?天气冷吗?

Mike: No. It's warm and sunny.迈克:不,天气暖和,阳光明媚。

John: Let's go swimming.约翰:我们去游泳吧。

Mike: I like playing football.迈克:我喜欢踢足球。

John: OK. Let's play football.约翰:好的。我们去踢足球吧。



A: What time's the next train to Washington?A: 下一趟去华盛顿的车几点开?

B: That's 9:26 on Track 14.B: 9 点 26 分 , 14 轨 道 。

A: When does it get there?A: 什么时候到?

B: It'sscheduledto arrive at 10:50.

A: How much is it?A: 多少钱?

B: It's $30.00 one way or $55.00 round trip.B: 单程票 30 美元,往返票 55 美元。


乘客A:Excuse me, is this seat taken?对不起,这个座位有人坐吗? 

乘客B:No, I don't think so.我想应该没有人。

乘客A:Thanks,I am waiting for the train at 9 o ’clock to Shanghai.Where will you go?谢谢,我在等 9 点到上海的火车,你去哪呢?

乘客B:What a coincidence! we are the same train.真是太巧了,我们同一列火车。

乘客A:Really? What is your seat number?真的吗?你座位几号?

乘客B:No.5 on the second row. And you?第二排 5 号,你呢?

乘客B:Could you please keep an eye on my luggage? I want to go to the washroom.你能帮我照看下行李吗?我去下洗手间。

乘客A:No problem.没问题。

乘客B:Thank you so much.非常感谢。


① The fit is’t good.

② It’s too big/small.

③ It seems to fit well.

④ How about this blue one?

⑤ The color is very popular.


① Can I help you?

② What can I do for you?

③ What color do you want/like?

④ What size do you want?


医生:① What’s the matter?/What’s wrong with you? 

② You should have a rest.

③ How long have you had the problem?

病人:① I have a cold/toothache/stomachache.

② My ... Hurt.

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